Trading Bot

This guide is meant for Yanda traders to understand how to trade automatically for profits.

If you are a seasoned cryptocurrency investor or a trader on Yanda and you have questions that go beyond the scope of this guide, join our Discord channel.

Why Automated Trading?

Unlike FOREX, cryptocurrency markets work 24/7 every day of the week and suffer from very high volatility in their price against USD, EUR, GBP, or any other fiat currency. Unless you are a trading firm, crypto-markets are very difficult to follow “manually".

By creating and starting your own trading bot, you will be able to place orders to buy and to sell within a fraction of a second with no downtime. This will dramatically reduce the trader's exposure to volatility and will enable you to always catch opportunities of making profits.

Trading with Yanda will give you the opportunity to create unlimited trading bots as well as to receive the benefit of operating within a decentralized environment. BmyBit is an application with its infrastructure built on top of the Yanda HyFi protocol.

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